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Retargeting Management

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those SEO and PPC clicks that go to your website but never fill out a form? This is how you get a second chance to close a deal.

Facebook Retargeting is a proven strategy that is the most effective and cheap way to track people who go to your website and then bring them back to become a closed deal. This program is designed to only target motivated sellers who have already shown interest.

We will set up your entire management account including tracking codes, strategy and we will even manage the ads. You can get all of this for $497 a month. If you’re ready to get started sign up for a call below.


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Success Story

If you’re still having trouble deciding if this is the program for you let me just tell you about a brand new account set up I did the other day. Within 24 hours and $6.54 we had already acquired a motivated seller through Retargeting. It is proven concept that has worked in every market we’ve worked in. So many of you are spending a lot of money on marketing making sure to drive traffic to your website and get in front of as many people as you can, but the majority of the people who see your ad or website are being lost. Facebook Retargeting closes the gap between you and your lost customers.


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