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Videos and other resources 

Below are some of our most popular videos and downloadable resources. 


3 Steps to diagnosing and optimizing your Facebook campaigns 

In this Facebook Live video, Kiley covers the tried and tested 3-step methodology for optimizing and trouble shooting campaigns on Facebook. 


This is one of the most common mistakes most investors make in their Facebook Marketing. 

Stop hitting people over the head with the same message over and over 

Is Facebook Burning to the Ground? 

Hearing a lot in the news lately about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data privacy etc. What gives? 

4 Tips to Closing more online

Want to know what our top performing clients do that sets them apart from the competition? We cover it all in this Facebook Live video. Enjoy! 

The Power of Customer Testimonials

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Before you buy a product or use a service, what is one of the first things you do?

You check the reviews.

But why? You don’t know those people, so why do you care? “Testimonials help break through the customer thought cycle of ‘I don’t know anyone using the product!’ The customer’s friends might not use the product, but other real people do, and it’s important for the customer to see that.” (Forbes)

Your Motivated Sellers are no different. The 2nd most visited page on Investor websites is the Testimonials page - what does yours look like?

The good news is that Testimonials are easier to get than you think (just ask) and they are useful across multiple areas of your business.

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